Lorenzo Abattoir is an Italian-based noise artist and sound engineer from Torino. His work takes shape in a context of underground extreme music to become accessible through various projects related to contemporary art. During past years he recorded and released full-length albums and various collaborative albums with other artists: PSICOPOMPO with German composer Hermann Kopp (4iB records), MARE DI DIRAC italian electro-acoustic collective (Dusktone Records). In 2017 he worked in collaboration with Alexey Tegin of PHURPA for “Misericordia” Vinyl LP (4iB records) and with Dave Kirby SATORI for "Aether" released on Old captain & Malignant Records.

2010 Harsh noise tecniques European tour [as Nascitari]

2011 Static noise tecniques in Paris at Istants Chavirès.[as Nascitari]

2012 Resonances in a hungarian cave at Esztergom.[as Mare di Dirac]

2013 Sound installation based on radio modulations at Fondazione Sandretto (TO).[Solo]

2014 USA (West Coast). 27 gigs using one piezo mic & looper.[Solo]

2015 UK Tour [Solo] and Italian tour with Phurpa [as Mare di Dirac]

2016 "Il culto contemporaneo del vuoto" performance in TO for Nesxt art festival

2017 Atonal Zurich and EU Tour with Federico Dal Pozzo.[Solo]

European Tour MDD live in Munich

Collaborations V/A: 
Alessandro Sciaraffa, Sergio Padovani, Mauro Sambo, Paolo Sanna, Federico Dal Pozzo, Vomir, Claudio Rocchetti, Luca Sigurtà, Giovanni Lami (KRISHNAMURTI).
| Richard Ramirez (american harsh noise artist from Houston TX)
| Hermann Kopp (german composer Nekromantic/DerTodesking soundtracks)
| Gx Jupiter Larsen | The Haters (Noise artist based in Hollywood CA, underground art since 1970)
| PHURPA | "Misericordia" 12" Lp recording session in Turin Studio with Mare di Dirac project
| SATORI | "Aether" Cd collaboration (Old Captain / Malignant Records co-production 2017)

Other projects LINKS:

KRISHNAMURTI (shruti boxes)
MARE DI DIRAC (drone/noise/field recording) 
PSICOPOMPO (psycological sound with H.K.)
Vocal and Programming in WUORNOS AILEEN P.E. project active since 1990
Vocal & elctronics in SATANISMO CALIBRO 9 Italian Industrial occult project