MISERICORDIA Lp | Collab. with Phurpa | released by 4iB records: https://4ibrecords.com
The overall album drowns you in a meditative tantric soundscape consisting of Alexey Tegin’s deep gutteral vocal vibrations (rgyud-skad) or ‘tantric voice‘ and Lorenzo Abattoir’s dark ambient field recordings and sound effects. Organic sounds are produced by bells, gongs, chimes and traditional hand-made instruments created from human bone and animal remains, resonating a background ambience of calm and prayer.

This very intimate and powerful recording showcases the soul wrenching effects that take hold and the artists ability to shake the foundations of the human subconscious through ritualistic and meditative performance.

Italian review ov Psicopompo ::::: http://www.thenewnoise.it

Noise diary on Sodapop Italian Webzine:
"Lorenzo Abattoir lo abbiamo conosciuto un paio di anni fa in un festival a Piacenza, nei panni di Nascitari (in coppia con Poseitrone): mise in scena un’esibizione davvero disturbante, dove il noise analogico faceva da colonna sonora a una performance fisica che mediava fra furia animalesca e disperazione umana. L’ascolto dei dischi, uno dei quali (Noi Eravamo Come Voi, Voi Sarete Come Noi) trovate recensito su queste pagine, diedero conferma di come quella live fosse la dimensione ideale di uno dei pochi progetti capaci di rianimare un genere che sembrava aver dato e detto tutto."

During  August 2014 Italian noise maker & HNW artists Lorenzo Abattoir went on his first US tour taking in a the west coast of the country. 

"What initially inspired the tour was the desire to share a stage with some of the projects that have influenced, throughout the years, my idea of what noise is, while also learning new techniques from the best noise pioneers of the US scene. For experimentation’s sake, I decided to bring only the most minimal of set-ups, leaving ample space for improvisation with found objects on each location, amplified by means of a contact mic and using each location’s unique acoustic features..."

Noise Diary US Tour on MM: www.musiquemachine.com 

Mare di Dirac Review (Lorenzo Abattoir's project):

"According to the linear notes Tupilak is "an assembly of various objects fabricated by shamanism for ritualistic chants" and this could be an hint that this relase deals with a spiritual view of sound. The more evident aspect unifying the tracks is the methodic use of the resonances of the instruments so leaving the doubt if there's an electronic manipulation or it's the use of extended tecniques.
The initial sharp notes of "Umlat" start this release with a drone, apparently from didgeridoo, that set the atmosphere of track upon metallic resonances. The opening sax of "Thecomposition" is the infrastructure for a complex texture made out of field recordings, string instruments and bells and gradually fades out to let a cello close the track. The resonances of the percussions of "Unhz" construct a piece of an impressive tension drowned in an almost quiet background that develops in an almost static drone. "Sintensi Aborigena" is on a didgeridoo, or at least it sounds like, dialoguing with the percussions, in the first part, the field recordings, in the second part, and, at last, it ends
changing his timbre, as with extended tecnique. "Granular Rite" ends this release with the juxtaposition of slowly changing notes from string instruments upon a quiet
soundscape, generating a dialogue between a quiet background and a menacing foreground.
This italian collective has released an amazing album full of demanding music for courious ears and lies in the threshold between mimimal, experimental and ritual music. Highly Recommended."  

Chain D.L.K. http://www.chaindlk.com/reviews/?id=8378

Description / influences:

"Lorenzo Abattoir is an italian noise artist active since 2008. He has worked and played with various european and american sound artists.
In 2009 Lorenzo founded the "Mare di Dirac" project, an italian collective based on field recording / electroacoustic instruments & experiments with microsounds; he recorded in various kind if natural environment with the use of different types of acoustic reverbaration.  Lorenzo Abattoir started in 2013 an experimental collaboration with Hermann Koop called "Psicopompo", the german composer  of Jorg Buttgereit's movie soundtracks: "Necromantic" & "Dertodesking" ;  his musical influences comes mainly by particular movies & visual art"


Torino Fondazione Sandretto_Giovedì 13 Giugno 2013

"Lorenzo Abattoir ha utilizzato la manipolazione di fenomeni elettromagnetici tramite il feedback, ovvero un segnale di ritorno, attuata con l'ausilio di due antenne usate, simultaneamente, sia come fonti di trasmissione che di ricezione di un segnale.
Il suono, generato dal segnale di ritorno (feedback) della prima antenna, viene captato dalla seconda antenna producendo una sequenza di modulazioni prive di una vera fonte sonora in quanto il suono viene modulato in se stesso in un ciclo perenne di trasmissione/ricezione, ciclo che può essere manipolato intervenendo sulla posizione delle antenne, spostandole a piacimento all'interno di questo campo elettromagnetico allestito, secondo le intenzioni dell'artista, per testimoniare con un fenomeno fisico legato al suono il concetto fondamentale dell'eterno ritorno."

Interview with Nascitari project on Musique Machine ::::::