"Aether" is the globe made of infinite tiny components: small cogs of shining gold, cobwebs of the finest platinum wires, balances and fulcrums made of wood and precious stones sprinkled like rose petals throughout; densely packed machinery regulating and controlling every small detail, creating cause and influencing effect.

Label: Old Captain ‎– Malignant Records ‎
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Video preview: Synchronicity

Project based on Synchronicity principle (Carl Gustav Jung), realized in cooperation with german composer Hermann Kopp (soundtrack of Buttgereit films Nekromantic/DerTodesking).
This collaboration between Lorenzo Abattoir & Hermann Kopp was structured following the Synchronicity as a composition techniques, with use of symbolism to merge diffenrt sound.  

Psicopompo project

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Italian review :: 

MARE DI DIRAC is a project founded by Lorenzo Abattoir |
TUPILAK is based on unusual method of composition, using particular kinds of instruments : Marine trumpet, Waterphone, Gong, Didgeridoo & ritualistic chants \ mixing with digital sound of granular synthesis & minimal noise with analog electronic elements.
The recording techniques are made so as to generate a total immersion into the resonant body of instruments, to give to the listener a deep perception of electroacoustic sound waves. 

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